3 Best Low-Maintenance Hairstyles

Some of us just hate getting ready in the morning, doing your beard first thing can be a drag, but your hair too?! Especially when it just won't go right. So it may be best to invest in a haircut that won't cost you too much time, and cut into breakfast! Here is Groomarang's top 3 low-maintenance hairstyles that will have you looking awesome, with minimal effort.

1. Buzz Cut

The term buzz cut comes from any haircut that comes from using electric clippers. But really it's associated with extra short hair. It is low maintenance in terms of styling, but it does take some upkeep, you will regularly have to get it cut! However, you can just do it yourself at home without having to go to the barbers.

2. Clean Shave

A complete shave is the ultimate low-maintenance hairstyle, you physically can't do anything! It is very liberating, but like the buzz cut it does require regular upkeep, almost every other day depending on how fast your hair grows. But you could just grow it into a buzz cut if you felt like it.

3.Short Side Part

Keeping your hair a lot shorter on the sides make it seem thicker on the dome. All you need to do with this style is use a little bit of product to swipe your hair to the other side of your hair and you're done!

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