5 Beard Myths

Along with everything else popular in today's society, there are a large amount of myths surrounding a subject. These can discourage a man from growing his beard to a full potential, so we here at Groomarang will do some myth-busting for you.

Only a barber can properly trim your beard

I have heard this one so many time, and it's so not true! Yes, your barber may be more experienced at trimming your facial hair, but you can be a master of it yourself by doing it in your own bathroom. Especially if you use the Groomarang Beard Shaping Comb.

Shaving will speed up the growth process

Remember when you were a kid and your Dad said "don't start shaving yet son, it will just grow back faster!" Well this is just not true, the truth is that a beard will average around 5 inches of growth each year. Shaving does nothing to speed this up!


The beard will become itchy

This one is actually partly true, but the longer it grows the itchier it gets is not true. During the first 3 weeks of your beard growth cycle your beard will become itchy, but after that you're home free. 


Beards make you swear in the Summer

Actually, it makes you cooler, as the beard helps shade your skin and helps to evaporate sweat more easily!


The beard grows at the same rate

Well no, different areas of your face grow at different speeds. Your hair around your cheeks will grow slower than at your chin line. Many people only think this because most people's beards are even, but that because they trim it to make it even! DURH!!


So there you are, 5 myths which have been proven wrong for you. SO don't worry about them and grow your beard strong!!

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