5 Important Do's & Don't's for Bearded Men

Beards are 'in' at the moment, and it looks like they'll be in for quite a while! So if you want to stand out from the rest of the bearded folks out there you need to make sure you go above and beyond the average beardsmen.


  1. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL: A lot of guys fail to pay attention to the finer details, which does make you look a bit bad, really. For example, let say you got an important meeting, or even a date and you got whispery hairs in your beard sticking out, or your beard line is choppy. You just look a mess! It shows you don't pay attention to detail and people do not like that - trust me!
  2. CONDITION DAILY: Every man should use beard oil, or beard balm on a daily basis. Get into a habit of using it every morning! There are way too many blokes who think that grooming their beard is not needed, trust me it is. Otherwise you're going to be scratching away all day and night leaving your dandruff flakes behind you like a trail!
  3. BRUSH IT DAILY: Another great grooming tip to keep your beard maintained and attractive is to brush it every day with a beard brush. Brushes are great for keeping your beard clean and pulling out dead skin cells and oil with build up underneath you beard.
  4. PICK A STYLE THAT SUITS YOUR FACE: This happens too much, you can groom a beard that you think looks cool - but really doesn't suit your face. You need to find out what your face shape is, and trim your beard into a style that correlates with it well - improving your look.
  5. TRIM IT REGULARLY: Now I'm not saying trim it really, really short, but you should always trim your beard occasionally - just tidy it up and get rid of the stray hairs. This will make your beard look even sharper.


  1. PLAY/PULL YOUR BEARD: Now I hold my hand up here, I used to play with it all the time - it's new and your just can't stop touching it! Well playing and pulling it is actually a big problem - if you're consistently tugging at the same place then you'll find you've pulled out enough hairs to leave a gap in your beard! Avoid this at all costs.
  2. SHAMPOO DAILY: Just like hair on your heard, if you shampoo too often your beard will get dried out. Do it once/twice a week - and make sure you use Beard Shampoo!
  3. TRIM YOUR NECKLINE TOO HIGH: The perfect neckline is about an inch above your Adam's apple - the exact point your neck meets your head. Anything other than this and it looks like your face is weirdly detached from your body.
  4. NEGLECT IT: Listen, just because you groom your beard doesn't make you a nancy. Real men take pride in their appearance and grooming is a must - so make sure you don't neglect your beard!
  5. DYE YOUR BEARD: Once you start getting a little older you may start getting grey's in your beard. But don't dye it - embrace it! A beard with hints of grey can be a great asset - you may be able to pull it off!


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