5 Tips To Beat Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a right pain, especially when it's winter - you moisturise but as soon as you step into that cold weather your skin is as dry as dust. There are several different ways to get rid of your dry winter skin, such as: 

  • Using mild facial cleansers, specifically for men (with no fragrance), can prevent the risk of an allergic reaction or breakout.
  • While washing your face, use warm water to relax your skin follicles, while causing the skin to feel more soft.
  • Exfoliation on the skin forms a soft layer on your skin by getting rid of the dead skin that lays upon it.
  • More moisture on your face allows your skin to feel softer for longer, especially in the winter.
  • Aloe vera or green tea on your face is more soft on your face, therefore reducing the number of breakouts on your face.

So there you have it guys, Groomarang is back at it again with the helpful tips! Let us know below in the comments section if there is anything else you need help with.

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