Annoying Hair Growth & How To Deal With It!

Everyone has that annoying hair growth where you just don't want it! From your ears to your nose, by the time you even notice it everyone else already has! Below are some common areas you can work into your grooming schedule, so you don't miss those pesky hairs!

Nose Hairs

These are quite possibly the most noticeable and disgusting. With hairs growing out of your nose and into the big wide world you will most definitely put off the people around you. Clean it up! Just use a pair of trimming scissors, or your electric trimmer may have a nose hair removal head which makes it even easier - you have no excuse! 


If you want to look like a caveman, then keep the uni-brow look. It's best if you use a razor here to remove the hairs between your eyebrows, unless you really want to spend forever tweezing them out individually! But if you're shaving make sure you're careful, don't want to shave off a part of your actual brow!

Ear Hairs

Always, I repeat ALWAYS check your ears for any stray hairs. You can use the same electric trimmer head you used for your nose, or if you're comfortable enough, ask your barber to have a go at them! As it is very hard to see where the hairs may be.


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