Avoid Bedhead With These Simple Tricks

Some people may find it cute to wake up with a bird's nest on their heard, but nothings worse than when you get up late, and you look in the mirror to find one!

No matter how long your hair is you can take a few precautions to avoid mornings like these. Obviously if you shower before you head out, that will be enough to tame your hair and restyle how you want. But if you're like me and shower at night, and are too tired to fight with your hair in the morning then take note of these tips:

  1. You can use moisturising hair care products after you dry your hair each night, this will help calm your split ends and make it easier to style in the morning.
  2. BE PROACTIVE. Ensure you brush through your hair to remove any loose hairs, and lay naturally. If you are to go to bed with wet hair, then good luck!
  3. Most bed head issues can be tames with a wet comb, and a bit of styling product. Rinse your comb under the tap, and apply to your hair to tame, it works 90% of the time! Then apply your product and style how you like it.
  4. If you have thick hair, when getting it cut get your barber to layer it also. This will make it easier to style in the morning and control your mane.
  5. If your hair is long enough ti pull it back, twist is into a loose bun and tie it up. In the morning let your hair down, and brush it out, this will keep it smooth and controlled.


Hopefully this will give you enough tips to help you not look like you've woken up with an electric shock!

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