Beards Keep Your Handsome & Healthy - It's Been Proven!

A lot of people out there are trying to claim the beards are dying - well i bed to differ. Our furry friends remain as popular as every across the world.

There has been new research which shows the having a beard has health benefits, along with making you look awesome. Beards can protect you from 90 - 95% of harmful UV rays, this was proven by professors as The University of Queensland - meaning you have a less chance of getting skin cancer.

With less exposure to UV rays, this means it also helps delaying of the natural ageing each person goes through! It helps keep your skin more youthful and wrinkle-free longer than usual.


Not only does it help us stay away from UV rays, but also the cold! With the winter months coming up, a beard can help keep your face warm and away from the frosty bite of the winter.




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