Cold Weather Skincare Tips for Men

With the cold weather upon us, it brings different skin problems for us men. So we here at Groomarang have put together a number of tips to help your skin stay perfect in the cold weather.

Moisturise Regularly

Now you should do this anyway, but in the cold it's more important than ever. Every single morning in the wintery months you should apply lotion to your face, hands and neck. It keeps your skin soft, and prevents dry patches. You can also apply it to your body as well.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water whilst your out and about, it stops your skin from drying out - so if you need to carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go, do so!

Use Lip Balm!

Use men's lip balm to keep moisture on your lips - the cold air dries up your lips and leads to chapping. And that is a right pain, believe me on that one.

Turn Down The Heat

Don't use extra hot water when washing your face or in the shower, as nice as it may feel it is really bad for your skin. It will lead to it drying out, so best to use warm water - not piping hot.

Dress Up

Get yourself a nice hat, scarf and gloves to wear when you're out and about. A hat is important to keep your scalp warm and stops it leading to dandruff. Whereas gloves and scarf will stop your skin from drying out.


So take heed of these steps fellow Groomarangers, and make sure your skin stays perfect all year round!


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