Does Blow Drying Your Beard Actually Damage It?!

Well I hold my hands up to this one, I actually do this on a regular basis - but it is bad for my beard?

Well we all know that every beard is different, some people's beard are just naturally tame whereas some have to make a lot of effort just to make it look under control! But we had an office dispute the other day as to whether or not blow drying your beard damages it? We've researched it in depth just for you guys to avoid any office arguments!

Blowdry Beard


It is true than when you expose your hair to heard, the hair tends to become damaged as the temperature increases. Causing the hairs to become brittle and rough, and even discolouration in some cases!

The Korean Society for Investigative Dermatology actually conducted research which has shown that using a hair dryer actually causes more surface damage than letting it dry naturally. HOWEVER, using a hair dryer about 15cm away from your face, with continuous motion causes less damage than letting your hair dry naturally!


Having wet hair actually weighs your hair down, and adds pressure onto your follicles. So quicker evaporation of the water trapped in your beard takes the tension of your follicles and is better for you!

So there you have it, blow drying your beard can actually be healthier, I can shut a lot of people up with that information!

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