Dry Skin Causes for Men

Dry skin can be super annoying, and it doesn't look great either! It is very common amongst men, and can affect any part of your body - especially your face, hands and feet. Today at Groomarang we discuss 5 common factors that contribute to men's dry skin:


Extreme weather conditions can drastically dry out men's skin, this is due to the lack of moisture in the air. If you're going out in cold weather make your you wrap up warm, and try to cover up as much skin as possible! If it's hot outside, then use sun block to protect your skin from sun damage. Remember also, moisturising is crucial whatever the weather.


It could be down to your parents as to why you have dry skin! Unfortunately we can't change your genetics, so you're just going to have to make sure you moisturise more so than the normal man. It's best to moisturise after showering for best results.


If you're using harsh soap then it can remover all your skin's oils without replacing them, causing your skin to dry out.  Make sure you use a good men's face and body wash in your routine instead. 


The older you get, the less oils your skin produce. This leads to your skin getting drier and more wrinkly! Now this is a part of life, but there are some anti-ageing routines you can use to help prolong this from happening.


You must ensure you are drinking enough water, eating your 5 a day and all that to help keep your skin flawless. Cut out the caffeine and alcohol - these dehydrate your skin majorly. 

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