Evening Face Routine For Men

We've already been through the morning face routine for us males, so how about the evening routine? After a long day of work, you may not feel the need to fully care for your skin, some people thing that when you are going to sleep, it doesn’t really matter how fresh your face looks because you can look after it in the morning. But it is just as important to look after your skin in the evening than in the morning as it can dry out through the night!


  • It is good to have a very effective facial wash to get rid of the oils that have build up throughout the day. Facial washes help take out any pores that you may have missed in the morning.
  • Facial toners will clear out any residue that may have been left behind on your face, while nourishing and soothing the skin. Toners help strip the excess oils from the face without getting rid of the needed ones.
  • Serums are just as good as oils and help tighten your face. This anti-aging product makes your skin looking fresher for when you wake up.
  • A cream specifically for the evening can bring moisture to the skin while reducing build up on the skin.


A good evening routine can help boost colour in your skin while making it look healthy and fresh, instead of dull and pale, so make sure you follow the above tips!

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