Exercising Helps Your Beard?! How??

Not all of like getting a work out in - it can be sweaty, dirty and uncomfortable if you're doing it right that is. However, we all know it's essential to maintain a healthy body and mind. But did you know it also helps beard gains?!

Exercising helps your beard grow in different ways; how it affects your skin, your hair, body and your hormones.

When we sweat during exercising it clears our pores of our dead skin, dirt and unhealthy toxins. You know after a heavy night out, you have a shower and still catch that whiff of booze? That's you sweating out the toxins. It's the same with exercise!

Exercising also increases the circulation around our body - including the face. Meaning that it helps stimulate hair grown, i.e. your beard!

Training, paired with a  good diet also increase our testosterone production, this is shown to give stronger facial hair growth. You don't have to lift weights to train, you can do rowing, rock climbing, yoga, push ups anything which you find enjoyable that works up a sweat!

There are a few supplements that can increase your testosterone production when paired with exercise. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting plenty of Vitamin D and Zinc - two of the major components of testosterone production. Increasing your intake on those nutrients while you up your exercise will definitely help out your testosterone production.

Exercise is amazing for beard growth, but for your own personal growth too. So keep at it guys and you'll definitely see the results in all aspects of life.

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