Famous Beards Throughout History!

What makes a man awesome? There are men throughout history who have been worshipped due to their traits; such as loyalty, duty, respect, honour, integrity etc. However, most importantly, because of their beards. Now you don't need to have a beard to be great, but it definitely helps by the looks of it!

I will show you throughout history that those with power had beards:

Abraham Lincoln

He was the 16th president of the U.S. and probably one of the most well-know leaders of all time. His facial hair was known as the chinstrap as it did not include a moustache. While Lincoln ran for office, he was beardless. But a young girl wrote to him, telling him his face was too thin and should “grow some whiskers”. He took the girls advice, became president and created a brand new world for America.


Charles Darwin

The man known for his theory on evolution, probably one of the most famous people with a bushy beard! His beard is probably as untamed and the species he studies!


Karl Marx

Mostly knows for being the father of modern day communism. He was considered one of the grates philosophers of all time.



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