Has Your Beard Stopped Growing?

Well, has it? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if it has or not. Beards grow so slowly that we are often left second guessing if it's even growing! So do they stop growing after a certain point? Well not really, but it does have a end cycle. Each hair follicle is made to fall out and be replaced after a certain amount of time; not length. 

There are 3 stages in a beard's hair follicles lifetime; The Anagen, Catagen & Telegen Phase.

The Anagen phase is the longest stage, it's where most the hairs on your body are at right now. This is where the hair follicle anchors into your skin and grows, it can last anywhere from 2 - 6 years (everyone is different).

The Catagen phase is where your hair is basically taking a break, and the bit of hair under your skin starts to shrink.

The Telogen phase is where the hair is released from your skin and falls our. Then after a few weeks (or months) a new hairs grows during the Anagen phase again.

So for your beards it means that the end length of it is going to be different for each part of your face. Mustaches tend to reach their end length at 2/3 inches, whereas the underside of your neck is much longer, and may never ever reach it's end length due to the hair cycle!



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