How To Add Volume To Lifeless Hair

There's nothing worse than flat, lifeless hair. Many of us males face this problem every day! It may seem best to put a load of product in your hair to add some oomph and volume, but I've bet you had little success - am I right? Follow our 5 steps and you will have voluminous hair in no time!

Keep Your Hair Clean

You must wash your hair regularly, as dirt and grease can weigh it down! Use thickening shampoo and conditioner, but when using the conditioner make sure you use it sparingly and avoid the roots. Conditioning your hair makes it more receptive to any products you may use after. But only do this once a week.

Use Warm Water (NOT HOT!)

Avoid washing your hair with really hot water, this damages your hair and helps thin it out even further. 

Apply Product To Your Hair When Wet

Use a small amount when your hair has just been washed, will help strengthen your hair when you dry it with a hairdryer.

Use a Hairdryer

Grab a hairdryer and a round brush and build some extra volume to your hair. Curl your hair up in 1-2 inch sections and give it a blast!

Style with Your Fingers

When your hair is finally dry, use some product and gently massage it in with the tips of your fingers to create some shape.


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