How To Comb A Beard

Combing your beard is easy right? Well actually I bet you're not doing it right! After reading this guide you will comb your beard to perfection!

Brush vs. Comb

Well, what are you currently using guys? Let us know in the comment section down below. I'll be honest it's a matter of preference. If you like brushing, get a beard brush. Prefer combing? Get a comb!

Brushes tend to have more points of contact with your beard giving it a greater grip. However, this grip tends to pull your hairs out, reducing the thickness of your beard. So if you want to keep the thickness of your beard, use a comb.

The hardest bit to combing a beard is conditioning it well enough so you don't snag your beard when combing. There are two main ways to condition your beard before coming to avoid these painful snags:


Beard Oil is a liquid beard conditions that is great for your healthiness of your beard. Put a little onto your beard before combing, which helps untangle your kinks as you comb.


2. Beard Balm

Beard balm is a buttery substance that melts in your hands. Once melted, rub it all in your beard and coat it really well. Some believe that beard balm conditions a beard better than beard oil - but it's all personal preference as everyone's beard reacts differently.


Next actually comes the combing. use your comb, or brush (whatever you prefer) and comb downwards in even, steady strokes. Start off slow,or you won't allow the balm/oil to do it's magic. Once your sure you're free of any kinks you can pick up the pace.

Don't forget to also comb your underbeard! This is often forgotten, and if you forget it will leave your beard looking messy. Don't forget to condition it too.

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