How To Deal With A Curly Beard

Curly beards are naturally voluminous, giving you a strong, masculine look. However, this beard doesn't come without some negatives! Curly beards grown in many different directions, making it look wild.

If you have a curly beard you need to learn how to control them but also keep it's character:

Soften Your Beard Hair

When your beard hair is softer it more controllable. Use some beard balm and beard oil. Beard balm should be used a few times a week when showering, and use your beard oil twice a day! This will make your beard moisturised and softer, easier to style!

Comb Your Beard When It's Wet

Combing right after you washed your beard helps to straighten it over time. Don't use any old comb however, it's best to use a wide tooth comb and massage some beard oil in at the same time!

Go To The Barber Regularly

They'll get rid of your split ends which makes your beard look even more out of control! Sometimes your curly beard needs a simple trim to look neat and tidy.


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