How To Do The Winter Beard Right

Beards are perfect for winter, they keep your face nice and warm! However, the winter season can be quite harsh on your beard, so you need to take care of it properly. We've got a few tips for you here at Groomarang to help maintain your beard in winter.

Moisturise more

Beard oil, beard oil and yep more beard oil.  It is needed! Your beard won't survive without it. If you don't the winter wind will dry out your beard and make it itch like crazy.

If i was you, apply when you get up, once through the day, and once before you go to bed at night. 

Use less shampoo

Don't overdo it when washing your beard, just wash it every other day instead of every day.  If you wash it everyday you will strip your beard of it's natural oils. Rinse it yes, but don't shampoo everyday.

Don't forget your beard brush

Brushing your beard daily keeps it clean, and looking tidy. It also helps you spread the product you're using into your beard evenly, and help beard growth too!

Take cooler showers

I know, it's cold and you want a boiling hot shower. BUT, this is not good for your beard. If you use hot water when in the shower it will strip the beard of your natural oils, s it opens your pores and leads to dry and flakey bearddruff.


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