How To Eat With A Beard!

We all know sometimes that food and beards do not mix well together! So we're writing a blog to make sure your beard stays clean from food throughout the day!

Rule #1 -  Avoid eating with hands, use cutlery! Ir may not be the easiest way to eat a pizza or burger etc., but it will definitely keep your moustache and beard clean. 

Rule #2 - Don't overdo it. Don't try to fit as much as you can into your mouth as possible, otherwise your beard will be left a sloppy mess!

Rule #3 - Avoid things like doughnuts, ice cream and syrups. The doughnuts tend to make a massive mess once you take your first bite, leaving jam all in your beard! If you want cut it into smaller pieces first and eat it that way. Ice cream can be super messy too, unless you it eat it with a spoon instead of from a cone!

Rule #4 - Noodles and pasta are a big no no if you don't know how to eat it correctly with a beard. With your fork loaded in one hand, use your free hand to grab your beard and move it to one side, avoiding any mess!

If you want to eat something that will be messy no matter what, keep a napkin or a baby wipe ready for frequent wiping. Carrying a handkerchief in your pocket is always a good idea.

If you are taking big bites, brush your moustache away from your mouth using your thumb and forefinger before taking a bite.

When you bring your fork up to your mouth, come from below your moustache at an angle instead of straight at your mouth.

Use very little or no wax in the middle of your moustache. It will make it easier to keep it clean when eating.


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