How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Do you feel insecure and anxious about what others feel towards your appearance? Do you fear that others don’t have the same problems you may have? Hair in unwanted areas, such as monobrows, thick body hair and ear hair can be a right pain! Here are different ways in which you can get rid of unwanted hair:

Waxing: waxing is a basic method, seen as one of the best solutions for unwanted hair, by getting to the root of where the problem begins (literally). Waxing can take place at home or at a salon, reducing the mass growth afterwards in the problematic areas. It is a painful method to use however, it is beneficial long terms when done regularly.

Electric trimming: This method is a temporary solution to get rid of unwanted hair, while leaving you looking well groomed. Electric trimming is irritation free, good for sensitive skin and allows control over the length you are desired to trim.

Hair removal creams: these types of cream are pain free, despite the burning or harsh reactions it could have on sensitive skin. Apply cream where the unwanted hair is and leave on for 10-15 minutes, this uproots the hair easily.

Shaving: shaving is a painless and easy method; you need a good technique, so you don’t cut yourself every time. Showering with warm water allows a cleaner and less bloody shave, as the warm water opens the pores, while raising hair follicles on the body. There are a number of tools out there to help you reach the harder to reach areas, such as the Groomarang 'Back In It' Back & Body Hair Removal Device.

Laser hair reduction: this temporary hair removal method uses a laser light, which is penetrated into the hair shaft, killing the root (not the follicle). This works best for darker hair, allowing lasting results. The treatment takes between 8-10 sessions depending on the texture or length of your hair.

Electrolysis: This procedure for hair removal involves a fine needed penetrated into individual hair shaft. A mild current is released through the needle, destroying the hair follicle itself- it can vary from person to person.

Threading/tweezing: This traditional method shapes up or get rid of extra hair around the eyebrows and facial hair. This criss-cross movement gets rid of multiple hair follicles at a time, commonly used for unibrows. Tweezers also pull out strands of hair, but individually.

 There you have it. Different ways to get rid of the unwanted hair and different methods that best suit you.

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