How To Grow Thicker Hair

With some people, your hair may thin as you age, with others, they are born with thin hair. However, there are different ways to thicken your hair, giving it more volume and bounce:

  • It may seem daft and obvious, but washing your hair, thickens it, as you are reducing to the build up of oils and grease that leaves your hair looking flat. Using a shampoo or conditioner targeting dandruff dries out the scalp from the unwanted residue left from greasy hair. While using anti-dandruff shampoos, you can also use shampoos and conditioners that target the type of hair that you want. For example, there are shampoos and conditioners that allow volume and shininess in the hair, making it look fuller for longer and appear thicker. Toni & Guy products do this- using the products regularly increases the thickness gradually overtime.
  • When washing and drying your hair, it is best to delicately deal with your hair, as some methods many men use, cause breakage. For example, rubbing your hair in a normal towel can cause friction, frizz and breakage in your hair, making your hair more brittle and weak. While washing your hair, it is good to use Luke-warm or cold water as it reduces shredding in the hair.
  • Styling products can impact the amount of volume and hair you have as some are light or heavy on the hair, making your hair look either full or flat. Mousse is used as a hair volumizing product, along with water-based sprays, which include essential oils, used for keeping your hair healthy and full for longer.
  • If your hair is thinning out you can also try the Groomarang Duck & Cover Keratin Hair Building Fibres, just applying this to you hair can thicken those patchy areas making it look thicker and fuller!


Here you go. Different ways to either make your hair fuller or appear fuller, helping you feel more positive towards your appearance.

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