How to Grow Your Hair Quickly!

Sometimes when you go to the barbers, the haircut you so desperately needed turned out either too short or not how you wanted it. It can become a disaster, especially if you got it cut for an event or occasion. These types of emergencies can cause stress and panic, so here are a few tips and tricks to grow your hair back healthily and quickly:

  • Warm oils can grow your hair longer while keeping it healthy. By massaging the oils into the scalp, your hair is built up with moisture, leaving your hair shiny, glossy and longer. Oils like coconut oil or argan oil are natural treatment to stimulate hair growth. Castor oil can also be massaged into the hair and can be left in overnight, leaving a big difference in your hair.
  • Your hair is made up of protein and fats, so your hair virtually craves things like eggs and meat. These types of foods contain minerals like sulphur, iron and zinc, which creates a greater structure in your hair while allowing it to grow healthily.
  • Brushing your hair several types a day stimulates circulation in your scalp, meaning that the roots of your hair is given natural oils as they are spread out through brushing your hair. Using a wide tooth comb is more beneficial more curlier hair to prevent the disruption of your curling patterns.
  • Hair masks can be used to stimulate hair growth as it boosts the shine and structure, making your hair smell fresher. Making a potato juice, although it may sound bizarre, is a good hair treatment for you to use. Simply juice to fresh potatoes and add one yolk of an egg and a tablespoon of raw honey. Mixing these all together and applying it to the roots of your hair is a natural method which only needs to be on for 30 minutes. After, keeping your normal routine can prevent any reactions towards the hair follicles.

Keeping your hair clean and groomed creates a more healthy look in your appearance, causing less frizz and breakages, while allowing your hair to grow faster.

Or if worst comes to worst and you have absolutely no time you can use the Groomarang Duck & Cover Professional Keratin Hair Building Fibres!

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