How To Use and Apply Beard Oil

We know to well the annoyance that comes with growing facial hair at the start, especially a dry beard!

Beard hair can be super strong and abrasive, but with proper beard care you can solve this and grow a happy and healthy beard! The best product to combat this is beard oil. The way you apply your beard oil dramatically influences its effectiveness.

1. Have a warm shower

Beard oil is always best applied after a nice, warm shower. The heat and steam helps open your pores and makes your skin and beard hair more receptive to the oil. 

If you don't feel like showering, then just wash your face with warm water!

2. Dry your face

Make sure you dry you face properly after a shower, water and oil does not mix well at all! Just gently pat down your beard and face with a towel.

3. Pour it

Pour the beard oil into your hand. The more beard you have, the more beard oil you need!

4. Rub it in

Rub your hands together to distribute the oil evenly, and gently massage it into every area of your beard. Make sure you reach the skin underneath!

5. Massage the face

Yep, you heard right, massage whatever oil you have left on your hands into your face. Good beard oil containing Vitamin E also actually works wonders for you skin.

6. Brush it out

Use either a boar's beard brush, or a comb to shape your beard and evenly distribute the beard oil into your beard!



You should follow this routine at least daily, it's even better if you can do it twice a day!

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