How To Wash Your Hair The Right Way

Yes, it may seem simple - just wash, shampoo and condition. Nope! There is actually a lot more to it. and we'll walk you through it....

  1. Always wet your hair before adding shampoo; think about it, before you add soap you always wet your body right? It should be the same with your hair! The warm water loosens oil and opens your pores - which allows deeper penetration with your shampoo.
  2. You use your nails to clean your scalp; Do not do this! The amount of bacteria under your nails is immense. And you're scratching it into your scalp! So avoid doing this, and if you like the way it feels just use your fingertips instead.
  3. You're not rinsing well enough; Always make sure you take the time out to rinse your hair properly. If not, and you leave a lot of residue it can lead to dandruff.
  4. You apply shampoo directly to your hair; Don't just get a glob of shampoo and drop it on your head. Always apply it into your palm and massage into your scalp - it guarantees more coverage, and you save money on using less shampoo!
  5. You wash too often; You don't have to wash everyday! You have to let you're natural oils your hair produces do their work too. Try washing every other day, and your hair will start looking and feeling healthier.


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