Ingrown Hairs In Your Beard? No Problem!

What is an ingrown hair?

There are 3 types of ingrown hairs. Number one is where it curls and grows back into your skin. Number two is where the hair grows sideways because your pores are clogged with dead skin cells. Finally number three is where the hair grows in on itself.

When your skin notices that something's wrong, it gets irritated. The area around the ingrown hair will swell, turn red and can even form pus and turn into a pimple!

Why do beards get ingrown hairs?

One of the main reasons is because curly hairs are more prone to becoming ingrown.This is because an ingrown hair is a hair curling in on itself within the pore. They tend to happen along the folds of your neck because the friction between your skin here encourages them to curl even more. 

How do you prevent ingrown hairs in your beard?

Exfoliating - This is where you gently rub the skin to remove dead skin cells, making it less likely for ingrown hairs to become trapped under them. You should do this several times a week whilst you in the shower, include it in your routine!

Beard Oil - You should keep the skin under your beard moisturised with beard oil, this prevents beard dandruff from clogging up your pores and causing ingrown hairs.

Use Fewer Stokes - When shaving don't go over the same area over and over this irritates your skin very quickly and causing a cluster of ingrown hairs.

Open Your Pores - Warm your skin with hot water before shaving to open up the pores more and clear it of any dirt and dead skin

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