The Barbers Bond - How Much Do You Trust Yours?

I very recently changed my barber (he just wan't good enough and it took me 10 long years to figure it out), and it's got me thinking how much do you actually trust yours? 

Relationships with your barber actually goes back centuries, I mean come on we evolved past our mum's cutting our hair donkey's ago! There actually has been some interesting research into men and their relationship with their barber, it shows that 63% of British men trust them, and 81% would recommend them to a friend!


Not only do our barbers cut our hair, but they know all our deepest secrets. I find it easy chatting to my new barber and discuss everything with him - from my finances to my personal issues that I normally tell to only my closest family. Once I'm in that chair I feel relaxed, it's like I'm lying on a psychiatrists sofa!



Loyalty is a big deal when it comes to our barbers. Research has shown that we tend to stick with our barber for around 3 years! Well it did take me 10 years to change mine.It is understandable after all, we tell them everything! And the idea of changing your barber feels like cheating.


A swell as letting out all our deepest problems, the barber often gives great advice. I mean how often do you actually tell your barber what to do with your hair? Most the time we just give him free reign - you'll probably walk out happy if he made you look like Boris!

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