Things No One Tells You About Growing A Beard

It seems simple right, just don't shave... but trust me there is a lot more to it! If you are planning on growing a beard, or just started here is a few things you should know.

You Must Use Beard Oil

It does not only stop that annoying itch, buy softens and smooths your beard and skin beneath it. Good quality beard oil also promotes hair growth, and allows it to be thicker and fuller.

The Itching Does Stop.... Eventually

If you've just started growing your beard, and getting that annoying itch, don't worry it does eventually stop! It never lasts longer than a month, so keep your beard moisturised with good beard oil and it'll go fast.

You'll Grow Attached To Your Beard

It's very easy to get attached to your beard, the longer you keep it the more you'll take care of it and never want it to go! It's natural.

It Requires A Lot Of Care

Believe me on this one, you can't just let it grow wild. The longer it gets, the harder is it to keep it in shape. There's a number of products that can help your beard looking sexy, and that is where Groomarang comes in.

Eating Can Be A Pain

One of the most annoying things about having a beard is that the longer it grows, the harder it will get to eat normal things, like a yoghurt! Even drinking your manly beer can make a mess.


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