Top 3 Hairstyles For Men With Beards

When having a beard it can limit what type of heard you can have too. So at Groomarang HQ today we put our heads together to come up with the top 3 hair looks for men with beards. So get reading!

The Long Hair

Long hair pairs awesomely with the bearded man. In the past, if a male had long hair it just meant he was lazy and could not be bothered to style his hair. However, in today's day and age long hair is pretty main stream, so go for it!

If you're going for the long hair it's best to go for a short-ish beard so you don't overdo it. PHEW. As long hair takes a lot of effort to maintain at least you don't need to look after a long beard alongside it! A short beard with long hair provides a little bit of contrast making you look more desirable. 


The Side Parting

The side parting goes with almost everything, so of course it would suit a beard! The side parting has been around for centuries, coming back into fashion more recently.

If you're going for the slick, smart styled side parting you can really go for any type of beard. But it's probably best you keep your beard smart too. You can keep a groomed stubble not going over a 1 clipper length.

Alternatively, if you're side parting is quite bulky then you can go for the larger beard. But ensure the beard is kept smart and tidy!


The Undercut

The ultimate modern hairstyle is the undercut. Keeps you looking sharp, smart and stylish all in one! Having that big contrast between the tapered sides and beard can having you looking A+!

The best way to match short back and sides with a beard is to taper your beard with it too! Gradually getting longer as the beard moves towards the chin creates a stylish look. 

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