Using Water-Based Products for Healthier Skin!


Water based products are a new trend which keep peoples skin looking fresh and healthy. Some water-based products help protect against things like the sun or dry skin. Some contain many vitamins and minerals which are placed directly on the skin, meaning that it has a quick reaction to the skin (keeps the skin smooth and hydrated).

Water based products are very light and leaves a smooth and moist layer on the skin, which reduces breakouts throughout the day. These products are absorbed a lot faster by the skin than oil-based products. Oil based products may just lay on the skin and not absorb as fast as water-based products, but they both do similar jobs.


However, due to how fast water-based products absorb into the skin, wearing fragrances near the area can cause irritation on the skin.  Applying moisturizer to open wounds or broken skin can lead to scarring or infection.

 Water based products have different textures depending on how hydrated you aim to be. Neutrogena is a skincare line for men, used for many different reasons. They provide a good source of water-based skincare, targeting specific skin types in men. For example, for men with oily or dry skin, the type of product you may purchase, will be different

 So, water-based products have their good and bad parts, but if you use them correctly and regularly, your skin becomes more hydrated and looks healthier and smoother for longer. These products help with many issues men may face with their skin including, reducing acne, redness and inflammation.


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