Ways to keep your beard looking healthy and fresh

Sometimes your beard might not look the way it did the day before or felt as good, but there are different ways to change the way your beard appears and feels.

  • Washing your face and beard regularly with products for sensitive skin can get rid of the skin cells and food trapped in the beard. Cleaning your beard with cleansers or scrubs get rid of the dirt stuck underneath the moisture from your beard, leading to less frizz and more control. You can use Groomarang Beard Balm to help achieve this.

  • Using beard oils tame and reduce the frizz, creating a more groomed beard. Beard oils have different smells, however odourless ones are more healthy and cleaner to use in terms of when you want to put other products on your beard, alongside the oil. However, putting too much oil in our beard can make it look less full and voluminous, which for some people is a must.
  • Keeping a regular routine for your beard allows it to adjust to the products you use. Overtime, the things that the products say that they do, will begin to show more of a difference. So, keeping to your plan and schedule, reduces the risk of any reactions to new products and lets you see if they really work or not.
  • Eating the correct food and drinks has a great impact on facial hair as your beard requires more protein than it already has. Meaning that you need more vitamins, meat, milk, greens and egg yolk. Creating this kind of diet fuels your beard in a way that it fuels your body, benefitting you inside and out by giving you a more healthy lifestyle.

These tips will encourage hair growth, volume, freshness, healthiness and control, so you don’t have to worry about having a dry, flat or oily beard!

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