What Are The Best Kind Of Beard Combs & Brushes?

Beards require grooming daily, you must know that by now surely?! Our balms and oils will take care of all your cleansing and styling needs but it doesn't stop there. You can keep your beard in tip-top shape with our guide to the best beard combs and brushes.

Oxhorn Combs & Boar Bristle Brushes

Natural compositions are waaaay better when it comes to performance, compared to synthetic alternatives. And that's why we use oxhorn for our combs, and boar bristles on our brushes.

Oxhorns are made from the same proteins our own hair is made of - with a smooth surface. Basically meaning that it will glide through your hair without damaging it. Awesome! But there are mainly for small beards and moustaches.

For longer beards we recommend a boar bristle brush. Boar bristle brushes were first used in the 1800's- to condition your hair naturally. Also it provides less breakage so you get a full, healthy beards. Not only that but it helps with beard growth! The bristles will stimulate blood flow in the hair follicles - encouraging growth. But ensure you use it only when your beard is dry, or use it alongside our Groomarang Beard Balm to help tame and control your beard. 

It is good to have both, a comb and brush for the best results. The brush helps distribute oils in your beard and encourage growth. Whereas the comb can be used throughout the day to keep your beard tidy and neat. Just remember to always direct your strokes in the direction you want your beard to grow!


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