White Hairs Coming Through? No Problem!

Grey hair, especially at an early stage in life, can lead to you feeling more self-conscious and anxious. Even more so when you're compared to others who have younger looking hair! Here are different ways in getting rid or reducing the number of grey hairs you have:

  • Permanent hair dye: This is one of the most effective treatments as it dyes the entire head. If done regularly, invest in a good product, but only using it if it is needed.
  • Semi- permanent hair dye: if you're scared of dying your hair permanently, have a sensitive scalp or don’t need complete coverage, this milder treatment is most suitable for you. Your hair will look more natural when using this type of dye as it subtly changes the colour of your hair.
  • Different shampoos and conditioners: these types of products should be specifically for grey hair as it adds essential ingredients needed to keep your hair healthy and coloured. Due to genetics, some people inherit grey hair early, so specific shampoo and conditioner can prevent how early on you get grey hair.
  • Diet: having a healthy diet can reduce your chance of getting grey hair earlier, by giving the hair the correct nutrients and vitamins needed to keep your body and hair healthy. E.g. hair is made from protein, so having thing like fruit, vegetables and whole grains sustain the protein levels.

 Although some would rather have coloured hair instead of grey or white, as you age, it seems harder and harder to sustain the colour. However, these methods should increase the time it take for your hair to turn grey, making you look younger as you get older.

 However, if you actually want grey hair then you can always invest in our Silver Fox Instant Hair Styling & Colouring Wax!

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