Why Trimming Your Beard Is So Important

You must have realised now that here at Groomarang we encourage growth, not just in your beard but in every single aspect of your life! Growing a big, sexy beard can be a long and tedious journey. But in the end, it is worth it.

Once you're about a month or two into the growth process, you should have a moderately sized beard. This is the perfect time to start trimming, yes even if you're going for a 4 foot beard!


You don't need to take inches off your beard, just tidy it up a little! Snip away at the split ends with some good quality scissors, it will help your beard growth trust me. Also use the scissors to keep your tash under control, just keep it above your lip!

To help in minimising split ends use beard oil, or beard balm. But they are still impossible to avoid, but having too many will slow the growth of your beard.

As your beard continues to grow, you can even use a trimmer. Use it to taper your sideburns to add a little structure to your face, so it looks a little more neater as well. 

When trimming away always ensure that your beard is symmetrical. It may grow at different speeds so one side of your face looks longer than the other! So use your trimmer to keep it symmetrical and looking tip-top.

Even once you reach your ideal length, still trim away at split ends and keep it looking neat, always gotta' make sure your beard is looking it's best!

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