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Why Use A Boar's Hair Brush?

kez singh

We get a lot of questions here at Groomarang about our Boars Bristle Beard Brush, so we've written a blog to help explain what it is and the benefits!

Since the 1800's boar's hair brushes have been used by both men and women. The boar bristles help brush your natural sebaceous oils which are released via your scale and naturally coat each hair. The bristles help carry these oils through your beard and help repair any dry and itchy parts!

The boar's beard brush also helps improve your beard texture. Using the brush helps loosed your beard's natural curls, helping ot become untangle and look neater on your face!

It also helps to stimulate your skin, the firm bristles stimulate blood flow to the hair follicle helping improve hair growth.


You should only use this brush when your beard id dry however, make sure it is not wet! Brushing it when your beard is wet with the boar brush can weaken the hair causing damage!

Also, always ensure you brush from root to tip, this helps distribute your natural oils, and beard oil if you use it! And make sure you always clean your brush after a few uses. This stop any bacteria from forming in your beard.

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