Groomarang 'The Ultimate' 15 Piece Mens Grooming Kit
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Groomarang 'The Ultimate' 15 Piece Mens Grooming Kit


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‘The Ultimate’ 15 Piece Men’s Grooming Kit from Groomarang has all the essential tools for a perfectly groomed look.

Small in size and weight, make it easy to travel with.

Being strong and robust, make it perfect for everyday use.

Each tool is manufactured by the careful process of cutting. With its non slip designs and use of martensitic stainless steels for strength and toughness, the kit exceeds all expectations.

Material of Tools: Medical Grade Martensitic Stainless Steel

Material of Case : Superfine PU Leather


Unlike your traditional shiny grooming tools, the hot dipped tools within the Groomarang kit are long wearing, rust and corrosion resistant.


The repeated heat treatment and grinding process during manufacture creates harder and sharper tools.


Many of the tools come with non slip handles, for comfortability and to enable precise grooming.


All tools are made of surgical grade martensitic stainless steel which possess strength, toughness and fatigue performance - in addition to corrosion resistance.


2 * Nail Clippers: Trimming Nails

1 * Large Nail Clipper: Trim Hard and Thick Toenails

1 * Cuticle Nipper: Trim Cuticles

1 * Nail File: Make Nails Rounded and Smooth

1 * Dead Skin Fork: Remove Dead Skin

1 * Tweezer: Pluck Eyebrow and Ingrown Hairs

1 * Scissors: Trimming Hairs

1 * Push Broach: Trim Nail Keratin and Scrape Nail Polish

1 * Nail Cleaning Knife: Cleaning Dirt from the Nails

1 * Ear Pick: Ear Cleaning

1 * Acne Needle:Blackhead and Acne Removal

1 * Flat Callus Remover: Removing Dead Skin from the Feet

1 * Oblique Callus Remover: Removing Dead Skin from the Feet

1 * Zigzag Callus Remover: Removing Dead Skin from the Feet


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