Groomarang For Her 'Fleek' World's First Hair Remover Epilator And Eye

Groomarang For Her 'Fleek' World's First Hair Remover Epilator And Eyebrow Shaping Wand



Groomarang For Her 'Fleek' Hair Removal Wand

Our unique fleek tool is the only device which has a epilator and razor i one easy to use device. No need to carry multiple devices, this 2 in 1 tool is all you will need!

Remove Facial Hair effectively using Groomarang Epilator Wand and Use Eyebrow Razor / Trimmer to shape and sculpt brows

• Epilator Wand works her magic by precisely trapping unwanted face hair in its defined springs and lifts the hair from the root.

• One off low cost payment. Say no to expensive hair removal systems.

• No Irritations or side effects from bleaching creams or laser hair removal.

• The more often you use Epilator Wand, the slower the hair grows back again.

• Long term use can lead to permanent hair removal effects.

• Quicker than tweezers as it plucks an area of hair at a time.

• Suitable for the chin, cheeks and upper lips area.

• Use the Razor / Trimmer for removing and shaping eyebrows.

• The Single-Edge blade is suitable for delicate and fine hair.



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