Epic Guide to Movember 2017!

Every single year, hundreds of thousands of men around the whole world grow moustaches to support men's health awareness. This is called Movember! Everyone competes, and votes for their favourite Movember participants, and donates to a good cause!

We'll show you how to be involved! 

I don't know about you but before I donate to a charity I always make sure they actually put my money to a good cause! There's a website; Give.org that rates charities from 1-20 based on a load of criteria.

Movember scored 20! And as you can see they donate 85% of their funds directly to a good cause. So as you can see Movember is actually a great charity, and you should be proud to contribute to the cause any way you can! You can read the full report here. 

Movember Report

To get started with Movember you firstly need to create a profile on there site; here. Then share you profile with everyone you know - family, friends, co-workers. Everyone! And get them to donate on your page, which counts as a vote!

There are rules in place however, Movember has created a graphic below to make it easier for you to understand!

Movember Rules


If helping charity just isn't enough to get you motivated, they also give away awesome prizes to the people who raise the most cash! From free razors to cruises around the world!

If you're interested don't forget to take good care of your beard, and good luck my friend!


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