The Corporate Rejection Of Beards At Work

Why is it that even in 2017 the corporate world expects men to be clean shaven? We all know that having a beard does not mean we're less capable at a job, or even less hygienic (as long as you follow the rules in our previous blog)

The beard has a strong love and hate relationship in English history. The Kings Knights would wear beards with honour and pride, it was common for beards to be displayed! But during the Renaissance beards took an opposite turn, King Henry VIII taxed any man who would wear a beard on their faces (weird eh?). But we all know he wasn't all there was he, especially as he got older he wore a beard himself!

Then it came back in style towards the 1850's, with popular figures such as Charles Dickens, Karl Marx and Napoleon III of France donning the bearded growth! Even the 16th President of America, Abraham Lincoln set a bearded trend.

So if we fast forward to today, what is the actual problem with wearing your manly beard to the office? In all honestly I don't think there is one! Especially with such business figures like Sir Richard Branson, Lord Sugar & Steve Jobs (R.I.P) donning the manliness.

So if your boss turns around and expects you to shave off your most beloved beard for the office, ask him why first? And if he don't have a genuine answer, then tell him to stick it! Well don't actually say that, or you might lose your job, but you know what I mean.

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